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Our subscription plan adds a new level of convenience by creating your very own assortment of kombuchas from our range of gut-loving brews. It takes the hassle out of reordering and allows us to do all the work. Sit back, relax and enjoy a continuous supply of fresh kombuchas!


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Clicking on the button will take you to a secured subscriptions management page. You will need to create a new account again as this program is developed in collaboration with Razorpay – a secure financing platform for reccuring transactions.

Please contact us at info@wildkombucha.co if you have any concerns or queries.


– Must be kept refrigerated at all times.

– Contains natural by-products of fermentation (<0.5% ABV).

– Contains sediment (strands of Kombucha culture).

– Not recommended during pregnancy or nursing.

– Avoid direct sunlight and do not shake.

– Can be kept for 6 months in the fridge.


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