Our Story

Growing up, I was blighted with systemic inflammation in the form of eczema. My visits to doctors and dermatologists constantly alluded to an external condition that only affects the skin and has nothing to do with the inside, followed by prescriptions of steroid-laced pills and topical creams.

Needless to say, the redness, irritation and pain would always recur and become worse after a bout of medication.

My Kombucha journey began in 2014 when I was gifted a SCOBY culture from my brother. Without knowing what it was and feeling desperate to rid of the itch at that time, I followed his instructions and made a small batch of my own. To my surprise, not only was it refreshing and delicious, it gradually supplanted my after meal cravings for chocolates and sweets.

Over several weeks of regular consumption, the symptoms had subsided immensely and my skin improved remarkably. Since then, I’ve never felt happier and healthier having to overcome this ordeal that has plagued me all the way through adulthood!

Coming off the elation that I was able to end my eczema through healing my gut, I decided to walk away from my job as a chemical engineer. Wild was then established to promote the awareness and benefits of Kombucha by providing authentic brews in Malaysia.

With commitment to integrity and quality, each small batch is handcrafted using pure ingredients to ensure a balanced profile between sweetness and sourness while developing different depths of flavors that makes every sip meaningful, delightful and wonderful. Inspired by the adversity that had started all of it, we seek to share the healing powers of this ancient elixir to help people live better, healthier lives.

We believe in empowering from within.