How much sugar is in Kombucha

Sugar is a requirement during the Kombucha brewing process as it provides nutrition to the bacteria and yeast to perform vital functions. Without sugar, there is no Kombucha. We use organic cane sugar because the microorganisms are able to consume it easily. During fermentation, the sugar content of the brew reduces by varying amounts based on time, environment, the amount of starter liquid used and many other factors as the SCOBY converts them to organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Our Kombucha typically contains 2- 3 g of sugar / 100 ml which provides a balanced profile of sweetness and tart – it is neither too sour like vinegar nor is it too sweet like a soda to give a pleasant taste while enjoying the benefits of the drink. Also, note that the residual sugars has been broken down which have a lower glycemic impact on the body and do not interact that same way as table sugar. 

Updated on May 26, 2021
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