Grapefruit White Pepper Kombucha, exclusively crafted for W Kuala Lumpur

W Hotel Kuala Lumpur needs no introduction.

With its hip and ultra-chic spaces, it is definitely one of the ‘IT’ places to spend your weekends in Kuala Lumpur.

The whole discussion of the signature flavors started out with an underlying understanding that the flavors would be fitting with an Urban Fuel Retreat vibe.

After many rounds of tasting, fermenting and tweaking, the team from W KL and Wild had an A-HA moment and decided on the Grapefruit White Pepper and Tropical Mango Kombucha. These flavors were inspired by drink recipes that could be used as a based / mixer for healthier versions of cocktails / mocktails. 

Grapefruit White Pepper Kombucha

Bitter, sweet, earthy and deep, it’s one of those drinks that’ll leaves you in wonderment after your first sip!

The citrus notes of grapefruit complements the Sarawak White Pepper with a bittersweet start and a sturdy pepper finish that elevates this refreshing kombucha into a must-have on a hot sunny day.

Tropical Mango Kombucha

The team at W KL were also charmed by the Tropical Mango Kombucha, which pays homage to the tropics as this brew blends coconut chips, rosehips, hibiscus petals, and fresh mangoes into a fermented island retreat inside a bottle. This black tea blend quenches thirst and fills the air with sweet memories of summer!

The Tropical Mango Kombucha has a strong nose of coconut fragrance. Sweet sparkling mango hits the tongue at the first sip followed by a sultry hibiscus tartness lingering after.

We couldn’t be more euphoric to work closely with the W KL team in crafting their signature flavors – it’s been a long journey in the making (through several MCO lockdowns) that has finally bear fruit!

So, if you ever do visit W Kuala Lumpur, do give these kombuchas a try – W KL has a healthy beverage for you whether it’s lounging in any of their eclectic rooms during the day or indulging in a wholesome guilt-free mixer on the Wet Deck overlooking the majestic Petronas Twin Towers at night. 

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