WILD Kombucha supports cancer awareness with two new limited-edition flavours

Go Pink and blue this October and November!

It is the time of the year that marks a great cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and No Shave November. During this time, traditions that we typically observe are the iconic pink ribbon and overgrown mustaches (for the guys).

And we’ve released two limited-edition flavours to support these health campaigns. Pomegranate Beets, a juicy red and tart flavour, and earthy Spirulina Honey. Rich in infection-fighting properties, pomegranate, beetroot and spirulina are believed to strengthen the immunity while forming a bodily defence against viruses and cancer cells. Hence, the brews were inspired by these ingredients. 

The Spirulina Honey, however, comes with a twist, where it is called Jun-Kombucha. Jun (rhymes with “run”)  is a special kind of kombucha that is brewed with green tea and honey instead of the usual black tea and organic cane sugar that WILD uses.

“Our fans have always celebrated our exciting festive flavours”, said Jason Tan, the founder of WILD Kombucha. “This year, we wanted to introduce new flavours with a cause. The Pomegranate Beets and Spirulina Honey is dedicated to help increase attention & support for cancer awareness which includes early detection, support groups and more. For every bottle sold, RM 1 will be donated to Hospis Malaysia.” 

Similar to the other popular flavours, Pomegranate Beets and Spirulina Honey are made with clean ingredients, naturally low in sugar and vegan-friendly while still providing all the benefits that WILD Kombucha offers such as probiotics rich, supporting digestion and gut health.

The flavours labelled in quintessential pink and blue feature two taglines – “I’m Doing Great” to evoke a sense of women empowerment and “Don’t Wait” to encourage men in conducting regular health checkups.

“Some men tend to procrastinate in going for yearly check ups which actually is an important part of staying healthy and to pick up any early signs of illnesses. This is why we decided to share a reminder,” added Jason. 

Pomegranate Beets and Spirulina Honey are exclusively available in 250ml sizes on our online store until the 30th November 2021. 

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