Signs you are drinking authentic kombucha

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WILD Kombucha recommends what to look for when choosing a bottle of REAL booch.

It is vital that you know how to identify genuine, authentic kombucha to avoid missing out on the crucial benefits that it offers – from improving your gut health, boosting your immunity and more.

Read on below as Wild Kombucha recommends what to look for when choosing a bottle of REAL booch.

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Real tea leaves, water, sugar and SCOBY

These are the four main ingredients of kombucha tea brewing. Other ingredients like herbs, fruit juices, spices might be added but without the main ingredients, it is not considered actual kombucha at all.

Sugar content 

You will possibly never have sugar-free kombucha as it is essential for fermentation. Therefore, look out for additional sweetener added after the fermentation process which adds to extra calories. 




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Tangy flavour & vinegary smell

Kombuchas are known for their signature tangy and tart flavour that wakes up your tastebuds!

This alongside hints of vinegary smell are natural results of the fermentation process. Interestingly, the longer it is left to ferment, the stronger the vinegar smells become.

Refrigerated and unpasteurised

The best kombuchas are usually kept refrigerated and chilled at all times. This is important to ensure the probiotic bacterias are alive and healthy.  Chilled kombuchas also have the tendency to be unpasteurised. Pasteurisation kills all the naturally occurring probiotics and good bacteria that kombucha is known for.


Raw and naturally fermented 

Authentic kombuchas take several weeks to be produced through natural fermentation. It may also contain floating strands around it – SCOBY, which is the yeast responsible for fermenting the tea and giving it its light, fizzy flavour and various health benefits. If you find it floating around your kombucha, it is a positive sign that it has been brewed the right way.

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