Empower From Within

We produce and supply authentic Kombucha that is made from real fruits, herbs and botanicals. With millions of probiotics packed into each bottle, Wild’s Kombucha is naturally effervescent for a crisp, tangy and refreshing taste that nourishes your body everyday. 

Uniquely Artisanal Kombucha

Locally owned and operated, Wild Kombucha is Malaysia’s original artisanal, probiotic packed Kombucha infused with unique fruits and florals to create a perfect balance of tang and tart, while imparting all the nutritious qualities that each brew has to offer. We handcraft our Kombucha using the traditional way of brewing in small batches, the same way it has been made for centuries and enjoyed by communities to ensure the most probiotic-brimming, functional beverage made available to locals. We seek to share the healing powers of this ancient elixir to help people live better, healthier lives.

The Benefits

Aids Digestion
Supports Immune System
Cholesterol Reduction
Mood Enchancement
Diabetes Management
Cancer Prevention
Boosts Energy


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