Empower Within
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With millions of probiotics packed into each bottle, Wild’s Kombucha is naturally effervescent for a crisp, tangy and refreshing taste that nourishes your body in every way.

Black Tea Kombucha!
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With a light and smooth taste, our Black Tea Kombucha is rich in probiotics and organic acids that nourishes the gut and boosts inner vitality.

Stay Wild!
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Authentic Kombucha made from real fruits, herbs and botanicals, brewed the old-fashioned way in small batches, as nature had intended.

Kombucha + Coffee = Kombuffee ?
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We are giving coffee grounds a new life with our take on bold, roasted and tangy fermented coffee Kombucha!

Recycling Rebate!
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We offer a rebate of RM1 for each bottle returned to us upon the next purchase. To find out how it works, please visit our FAQs page!

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Wild Kombucha is Malaysia’s artisanal Kombucha infused with fruits and florals to create a perfect balance of tang and tart, while imparting all the nutritious qualities that each brew has to offer. We handcraft our Kombucha using the traditional way of brewing in small batches, the same way it has been made for centuries and enjoyed by communities to ensure the most probiotic-brimming, functional beverage made available to people. We seek to share the healing powers of this ancient elixir to help people live better, healthier lives.

Why Kombucha Matters

Aids Digestion

Rich source of probiotics helps break food down into elemental forms which nutrients become easier for our bodies to absorb. 

Immune System

Antioxidants and vitamins help the body fight off free radicals, suppress cortisol and protect us against inflammatory diseases.


Healthy organic acids binds with various toxins in the liver for elimination leading to elevated metabolism and energy.

Gut Health

Scientists believe a second “brain” in our gut where nerve cells lining the intestinal walls affects mental state through the gut-brain axis.

Refill Your Bottles!​

We have a soft spot for mother earth – we shudder to see bottles ending up in landfills. As such, we offer a REBATE OF RM1 for each bottle returned to us upon the next purchase. To find out how it works, please visit our FAQs page!

Free Shipping!

FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM50, otherwise a small shipping fee of RM10 applies. For same day deliveries, cut-off time for orders is 10am. Self-pickups are available from 3pm – 6pm.

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