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Wild for Kombucha

Each Wild brew is thoughtfully created to be the perfect balance of tang and tart, ensuring the probiotic-brimming functional beverage made available. We seek to share the healing powers of this ancient elixir to help people live better, healthier lives.

We offer Kombucha in different sizes for different occasions – baby bear bottles for people on-the-go or new to Kombucha, mama bear sizes who like to share with friends while papa bear ones for those on a Kombucha regimen!

We have a soft spot for mother earth – we shudder to see bottles ending up in landfills. As such, we would appreciate you returning our empty glass bottles to us upon the next purchase. To find out more, click here

Free delivery for orders above RM55, otherwise a small shipping fee of RM10 applies. For same day deliveries, the cut-off time is 9am. Self-pickups are available from 3pm – 6pm. Refer to our Common Questions for terms and conditions. 


Your gut is linked to nearly every facet of your health, from your immune system to your mood. The road to optimal wellness is paved with good intestines!
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